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No more cheap burgers?

The EU ban on the use of DSM in processed meat products has been strongly opposed by the meat industry.

The European Commission has asked that a moratorium is put in place on the production of 'desinewed meat' (DSM) from cows and sheep. Desinewed meat is produced using a low pressure technique to remove meat from animal bones.
The Food Standards Agency (FSA) stated that there is no evidence of any risk to human health from eating meat produced from the technique. However, the European Commission has decided that DSM does not comply with European Union single market legislation and has required the UK to impose a moratorium on producing meat products from DSM from ruminant animalsby the end of April.

The process may still be used to remove meat from poultry and pigs, but it must now be classed and specifically labelled as 'Mechanically Separated Meat' (MSM).

The news attracted significant media coverage predicting the demise of cheap burgers and sausages: Daily Mail Daily Star. The ban was strongly opposed by the BMPA, who highlighted that food safety issues were not involved and the move “represented a criminal waste of a valuable product at a time of protein shortage”.