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End of an era as DBC closes

As DBC finally closed its doors after 110 years, there was news of the ‘rebirth’ of another Danish Bacon industry stalwart.

The sad news regarding the closure of DBC Foodservice by its owners, WPD Holdings, marked the end of an era for the Danish Bacon industry in the UK. The company passed from Danish ownership in 2006, but was originally established in 1902 in Duke St near London Bridge by a group of Danish Bacon factories in order to co-ordinate the sale of their bacon in Britain and improve returns for their farmer members.

The closure of DBC coincided with the news of the ‘rebirth’ of another Danish Bacon industry stalwart – the Danish Landrace pig. For much of the 20th century, the Danish Landrace pig provided all the bacon sides sold by Danish producers on the UK market.

According to a recent report from Aarhus University, a litter of 10 piglets was recently born on a farm in Jutland, using 16 year old frozen semen, as part of a sustainable breeding plan to preserve the Danish Landrace pig for posterity.