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Global pig meat trade developments

While pig prices are set to rise in the EU during the remainder of 2012, the outlook for global markets is less certain as a number of key players are increasing production.

With the prospect of reducing supplies in the months ahead, EU pig prices are expected to show a steady increase during the latter months of 2012. The outlook in global markets is less certain as production is increasing in a number of key markets and, inevitably, political, animal disease and currency factors will have a bearing on developments.

Competition in the SE Asia markets will hot up, as exports from the US and Canada are expected to increase.

Brazilian exporters are hoping to improve their access to the Chinese and other new markets but are still locked in dispute with both the Russian and EU veterinary authorities.

China made the headlines during 2011 and pork imports also reached a new high. Prices have fallen back significantly since the beginning of 2012. While imports of the more traditional pig meat cuts has been affected, the demand for offals and ‘fifth quarter’ products is expected to remain strong.

The news that supplies of UK pork and pig meat products had finally obtained clearance from the Chinese veterinary authorities was was widely reported in the national media :

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