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UK market review

Prices remained steady for much of June and imports of pork and bacon declined as UK pig meat production increased. The production efficiency of the UK pig industry improved in 2011 but still lags behind most other EU countries.

The DAPP price estimates showed that pig prices were stable for most of June as the weakening Euro inevitably put a brake on further upward movement. There was little change in the cost of feed raw materials which remained at historically high levels.


As UK pig meat production increased during the first quarter of 2012, there was a corresponding reduction in imports of pork and bacon. Shipments from Denmark showed a small reduction.

UK Pig Meat Imports
000 Tonnes

  2011 2012
Denmark  25.6  24.9
Germany 12.2 14.1
Netherlands  14.9 10.6 
Ireland 12.0 7.4
Belgium 9.6 6.2
Spain 4.0 5.0
France 8.1 4.8
Other 2.3 2.4
Total 88.7 75.4
2011 2012
Denmark 30.0 29.6
Netherlands 30.2 23.8
Germany 7.6 8.9
Ireland 1.0 1.2
Other 3.4 1.8
Total 72.2 65.3

Source : HMRC/GTI 


BPEX published their Annual Technical Report for 2011/12.

The report showed that the cost of production rose to 146p per kg according to the latest information – compared to the EU average of 137p and 121p in Denmark. Regarding the critical measure of efficiency – pigs reared per sow year – the figure rose from 22.5 to 23.7 pigs, compared to over 27 pigs in Denmark and Holland.