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‘Farming Delivers’

‘Farming Delivers for Britain’ is the new strapline of a campaign launched by the National Farming Union.

The National Farmers Union announced a new three year campaign 'Farming Delivers' to support British produce and promote all the wider benefits brought by the farming industry to the country as a whole.

The NFU Chairman, Peter Kendall, pushed the case for a more enlightened view on development of large scale, intensive production units to allow the country to improve its self-sufficiency in many staple foodstuffs. His speech received significant coverage in the national and trade press: see these links Guardian Farmers Weekly.

These developments have been consistently opposed by NGOs and pressure groups, despite the clear evidence of their high welfare and environmental standards.

The campaign mirrors a similar initiative launched by the Danish Agriculture & Food Council during 2011 to highlight the economic contribution made by Denmark’s food and farming industry. The campaign entitled 'Den Nye Fortælling' (‘A New Story’) uses a series of unusual and unfamiliar ‘stories’ to demonstrate what the country’s farming industry offers to Danish society.