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Environment matters

In its ‘Living Planet Report’, the WWF claimed that Denmark had among the world’s highest ’ecological footprint’. In fact the Danish food industry can boast a fine record in reducing the environmental impact of its production systems.

A recent report published by the World Wildlife Fund, entitled The Living Planet Report, claimed that Denmark had one of the world’s highest ‘ecological footprints’.

However, the report took no account of the fact that Denmark has a large food and farming industry – and that a country with a population of 5 million produces sufficient food for around 15 million persons.

It also overlooked the fact that Danish agriculture can point to some significant achievements in reducing the environmental impact of its food production and compares very favourably in this area with many of its international competitors. As far as the pig industry is concerned, Denmark produces two pigs today with the same environmental impact of a single pig in 1985.


The Danish pig producers achievements in reducing their ‘carbon footprint’ were listed in a recently published report ‘Pigs and the environment - how the global pork business is reducing its impact’, The report was produced for the International Meat Secretariat and can be downloaded from the BPEX website.