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Season's greetings...

... and what will the New Year hold for our industry.

As the festive season arrives and we start to cast our minds forward to the year ahead, seldom can there have been so many ‘imponderables’ to consider, which may have the effect of transforming our marketplace during 2013.

As escalating feed costs in recent months have already caused a significant number of pig producers to stop serving their sows or leave the industry altogether, how many more will follow suit during next year?

How many more may decide to leave pig production rather than make the necessary investment to ensure their facilities comply with new EU regulations, requiring that sows are kept in groups during most of their period of pregnancy?

How rigidly will the new EU rules be enforced across Europe and what additional ‘due diligence’ will our customers require to ensure that all the pig meat on their shelves emanates from compliant production facilities?

Who will step into the vacuum recently created by Vion’s decision to close their UK meat processing operations?

Our monthly bulletin, Pig Industry Matters, will seek to provide some answers to at least some of these questions in the months ahead, as well as providing a Danish industry perspective on the key ‘issues of the day’.

In the meantime, we would like to extend our best wishes to all of you for a very Happy Christmas, when it finally arrives, and a Prosperous New Year.