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Intensive or extensive farming?

Pig welfare was central theme in two recent advertising films.

Welfare in intensive farming systems was back in the spotlight recently, as an advertisement for Chipotle, the Mexican restaurant chain
won the Grand Prix prize at the recent Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

Chipotle are a chain of Mexican restaurants mainly in the US and Canada but recently opened a number of outlets in London.

Whatever one’s perspective in the debate about the relative merits of extensive and intensive farming systems, there is no question that the Chipotle film, entitled 'Back to the Start' is a beautifully crafted and engaging piece of communication.

The UK retailer Waitrose also used the welfare standards in their outdoor pig production supply chain as a central theme in a recent TV advertising campaign for their Essential Pork range. All Waitrose pig meat products are from production systems entirely based on pigs born outdoors and finished in straw based systems.

Both advertisements are perhaps a reminder of some of the creative challenges involved in communicating the many positives of our professionally managed indoor pig farming systems.