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Bacon is tops…..

It’s official....

Bacon is Britain’s most popular food according to a survey recently commissioned by the specialist food TV channel, Food Network UK among 2,000 adults. One in ten chose bacon as their favourite food, beating chicken (2nd place) and steak (4th place). Sausages could only manage 21st pace while pork came in at 37th, followed by chorizo (39th), corned beef (59th), Spam (92nd) and ham at a lowly 99th place !

The Food Network UK survey received extensive media coverage, including both The Sun and the Daily Mail.

However, not everyone would agree. A recent Guardian blogger complained that the we’re becoming too obsessed with bacon and so called 'baconalia' are starting to crop up everywhere – from ‘bacon toothpaste’ to ‘bacon candy’ and much more besides. The Mirror recently reported on the launch of a Bacon Jam.