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Key facts and figures

The following section provides a statistical overview of the Danish pig industry. The data presented in the charts covers the years 2000 to date in order to give some insights into the key developments in the industry in recent years.


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1. Danish pig farming

As in most other major pig producing countries, the number of individual farms producing pigs in Denmark has declined sharply in recent years, as more modern and larger farms account for a much larger share of overall production. Today, there are around 3,500 farms producing pigs in Denmark compared to over 13,000 in the year 2000.

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2. Danish pig numbers

Data from the mid-year census shows that the Danish breeding herd and overall pig numbers have remained very stable in recent years.



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3. Danish pig production

The number of pigs produced in Denmark grew steadily from 2000 to 2010 due to increases in productivity (see 11. below).


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4. Danish pig slaughtering

The numbers of pigs slaughtered in recent years has declined as exports of piglets have increased.


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5. Danish pig carcase weights

Carcase weights have increased in recent years, although Danish weights remain lower than several other major EU pig producing countries.


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6. Danish live pig exports

The numbers of piglets exported from Denmark has risen sharply in recent years, the main markets being Germany and Poland.

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7. Danish pig meat exports

In recent years, tonnages sold in Germany and Poland have risen sharply alongside the growth in piglet sales. The UK remains Denmark’s third largest export market. China is now the single largest export market for Danish pig meat in Third Countries.


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9. Danish pig prices

The prices shown are based on the standard weekly price quotation, including year end bonus but excluding other quality related payments (weight or lean meat percentage).


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11.Productivity in Danish pig production

A key measure of efficiency in producing pigs is the number of weaned pigs produced by a sow during a year. Danish pig farmers have achieved significant productivity gains in recent years and have produced on average over 30 pigs per sow/year since 2013, the highest level among all EU countries.

As regards the production of finished pigs (30-107kg live weight), a key measure is feed conversion, expressed as kg of feed needed to achieve a kg of growth and the lower the amount of feed utilised is a good indicator of performance. Although Denmark’s performance has shown little significant change during this period, its performance is above the EU average.

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