The longstanding investment in research and development has been fundamental to the success of Denmark’s co-operative farming sector and has equipped its farmers with the latest knowledge and technologies to help ensure world calss quality as wells as competitiveness in global markets.

Farmer owned innovations and knowledge centre SEGES provides professional knowledge within all areas of famring and food production for the benefit of all farmers and the farming industry.

SEGES exists to provide knowledge and solutions to the farmer’s challenges. In this way, SEGES also contributes with solutions to societal challenges in areas such as the environment, climate, animal welfare, digitilization, sustainability and circular economy.

Research is carried out in partnership with universities, government departments, supply industries and trade associations, both in Denmark and internationally.

This collaboration enables SEGES to draw on public research and development funds to promote innovation within the agriculture and food sectors. SEGES also offer specialist consultancy services and customized products for business within the sector.

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The Danish Pig Research Centre

The Danish Pig Research Centre operates under the SEGES umbrella and is now known as SEGES Pig Research Centre. The organisation is responsible for managing a wide ranging programme of research and development in pig production.

A lot of this research takes place on commercial farms to ensure that the ideas being tested work in a ‘real world’ situation – currently over 200 pig farms participate in trials run by SEGES Pig Research Centre. 

  • Genetics – organisation of the pig genetics work for the DanBred programme
  • Innovation – management of pig industry research projects
  • Marketing – communication with pig producer members and other stakeholders
  • Business Services – commercial activities including laboratory services, lorry washing station and management of quality assurance schemes
  • DanBred – support services for the DanBred organisation -  

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The 2019 research programme covered the following key areas:

  • Genetics
  • Nutrition
  • Environment
  • Housing
  • Welfare
  • Health
  • Production Management

Within the Danish pig industry, the communication channels operate within a ‘two-level’ advisory system as illustrated in the chart.

At one level, SEGES communicates directly with its pig producer members but it also works in close co-operation with local veterinarians, 30 farmer-owned advisory services throughout Denmark and companies within the farm supply industry. It is vital that they also have access to the latest scientific developments as they are all major players in the transfer of practicable and useable knowledge to the grassroots of the industry.