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Food Summit – ‘Better Food for More People’

Denmark’s Ministry of Environment & Food is sponsoring a major international food summit in Copenhagen from 25th to 26th August.

Over 100 food industry stakeholders, including representation from the world of politics, food and farming industries, science and gastronomy, will address the global challenges of delivering 'Better Food for More People'.

An opening session entitled ‘The Big Kitchen’ will launch a dialogue on how to unleash the potential of ‘gastronomy’ in delivering safe, healthy, tasty and affordable food to a growing urban population.

The programme will then concentrate on four separate themes:

  • ‘Better food through better information’ – the challenge of ensuring that those who live far away from where their food is produced have a good understanding of its production and how to prepare it
  • ‘Safe food for more people’ – the challenge to ensure that the right controls are in place to deliver safe food to urban populations, within a longer and complex supply chain
  • ‘Gastronomy – the tool for better food’ – giving urban populations better access to the principles of best gastronomic practice in preparing better quality foods
  • ‘Prevention of food waste’ – examining a range of solutions for minimising food waste within all links in the supply chain.


 “I am looking forward to welcoming our invitees who are attending from different parts of the world. They are all committed and have accepted the challenge to ensure better food for more people in our cities,” said Minister, Esben Lunde Larsen.

“Cities are growing and putting pressure on demands for safe food, reduction of food waste and the conversation we are having about food. But this also strengthens the requirement for good, tasty, traditional food and food that has a story to tell.”

It is intended that the food summit will become an annual event. “We intend to create a ‘Davos’ for food in Copenhagen,” says Mr Larsen.

The summit will take place during the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival. The festival runs from the 19th to the 28th of August and includes nearly 300 separate events in Denmark’s capital city. In 2016, 16 of the city’s restaurants were awarded Michelin stars and three restaurants (Noma, Geranium and Relae) appeared in the list of 'The World's 50 Best Restaurants'.